Q: How long does it take to go through all of the attractions at Scary Acres?
A: We have been asked this question a million times. It takes anywhere between 1 1/2 to 3 hours to go through all of the attractions.

Q: Do your attractions close due to rain?
A: Absolutely Not! Scary Acres is built to accommodate the unpredictable weather here in Nebraska.

Q: Can the monsters touch us?
A: Rule of thumb: don't touch the actors and the actors won't touch you. Of course in all the excitement and commotion in the darker areas, someone might accidentally bump into you or seem to grab you. Usually the person grabbing you is one of the people in your own group!

Q: Are the attractions the same each year?
A: Absolutely Not! We pride ourselves on the fact that each year we do extensive renovation to each of our attractions so that from season to season your experiences will never be the same.

Q: How does your attraction compare to other haunts in the area?
A: There is no comparison. We are at our location year round. We find that every season someone else opens up another haunted house to make a quick buck and those haunts don't return the following year. Typically that haunt is in a temporary location and is built very quickly with no ceilings or sound and with poorly built sets. Don't be fooled by haunts that claim to be the biggest or the scariest. We have been bringing haunts to Omaha, Nebraska for over 15 years. We have been improving our haunts year after year and we will continue to do so.

Q: How old do you have to be to attend Scary Acres?
A: We have no age restrictions. It is kind of like going to a scary movie. If you think your children will be OK, then bring them down. There is nothing overly gory or violent inside the attractions. We have had young kids of all ages attend and love it.

Q: Are your tickets refundable?
A: We have a no refund policy. If you are too scared to enter any of the attractions or if you have entered the attractions and have to go back then we have done our job which means there is no reason for a refund.

Q: What can't we bring with us to Scary Acres?
A: No weapons of any kind! No alcoholic beverages! No costumes! No video cameras!

Q: Can I bring my cell phone?
A: Sure but be aware that we will not stop to look for lost cell phones or pagers (or most anything else). If we happen to find them, they will be available at the ticket booth the next night after 5 pm.

Q: Can I take pictures of Scary Acres?
A: You cannot take photos inside any of the attractions! You may however take photos on the outside of the attractions.

Q: Do you have a lost and found?
A: Yes, lost and found is located at the ticket booth. If you have lost something, contact us the next day after 5 pm and we will let you know if we have found your lost article.

Q: Do you sell food, beverages and souvenirs at Scary Acres?
A: Yes, we have a full food court area surrounded with seating and bon fires. We sell glow sticks, T-Shirts and much more.

Q: Do you allow or sell any alcoholic beverages at Scary Acres?
A: Absolutely Not! We do not sell alcohol or allow any alcoholic beverages on our property.

Q: Is there security at Scary Acres?
A: Yes, Scary Acres is patrolled by uniformed and plain clothes officers.

Q: Can we be thrown out of Scary Acres for any reason?
A: Yes, we have zero tolerance for troublemakers. We do not allow weapons of any kind. Anyone can be removed from Scary Acres at any time for any reason at the discretion of Scary Acres Staff and Security. There will be absolutely no refunds for those who choose to try and ruin other people's entertainment.

Q: Are you involved with any charities?
A: Yes, we have been supporting The Omaha Food Bank "Help Feed the Hungry" for over 14 years. Scary Acres is the largest contributor to the Omaha Food Bank in the state of Nebraska.

Q: Can we win free tickets?
A: Yes, you can win free tickets by listening to our advertisement on the radio stations that we are involved with. Check our sponsor list.

Q: I want to do a story at Scary Acres, who do I contact?
A: You can send an email to contact@scaryacres.com or leave a detailed message on the business phone with a phone number and the best time we could reach you. Please do not show up without an appointment.
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