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Scary Acres opened its gates in 2002, but its history in Omaha goes back to 1993 with the Train of Terror at Peony Park.  The masterminds behind the Scary Acres management team were commissioned to run a small Halloween Attraction geared towards families that would tour Peony Park, seeking Halloween thrills.

The Train of Terror circled the park amidst fog and spider webs. Monsters hid in the dark along the trail and tunnels, ready to frighten unaware passengers. Scary props were situated in concession booths and near the few rides that were open that fall.

At the time, Halloween Attractions were few and far between in the area.  It was the management of this Attraction at Peony Park that inspired the masterminds behind the Scary Acres brand to create something that Omaha had never seen before, and that’s exactly what they sought out to do!

And then… the Fright Zone, a state-of-the-art haunt in Millard Plaza, was born! A former health club was turned into a frightening adventure, showcasing such things as a crawl-through tunnel with live snakes, an indoor “outdoor” graveyard, and rooms filled with killer clowns.

During this time, the Scary Acres masterminds began building their own animatronics that they showcased at various tradeshows.  They were also commissioned to build haunts for other “hauntrepreneurs” in Nebraska and around the United States.

In 1996, the Fright Zone relocated to downtown Omaha into an abandoned 9-unit apartment complex at 17th & California. It took months to reconstruct the complex, transforming it into a multi-level Attraction, unlike anything Omaha and surrounding areas had seen before. The Fright Zone included an outdoor fog-filled graveyard that was one of its many highlights. The musty odors and dim lighting of the complex contributed to the overall ambience of the Attraction. Some say that the building was actually haunted, which made Fright Zone as terrifying in the daylight as it was in the evening and brought the scares to another level.

Soon after, the adjoining warehouse was acquired by Scary Acres and turned into the Fear Factory.  It was a massive haunt where a two story alley was created along with boiler rooms, aliens and much more. Omaha’s growth later gave way to the sale of the Fright Zone and the Fear Factory, which was replaced with Creighton University’s new Soccer Field.


1993's Train of Terror at Historic Peony Park - The origns of Today's Scary Acres!


Both the Fright Zone and Fear Factory were Classic Omaha Haunts, one of may have actually been Haunted!  

And then… SCARY ACRES was born! Approximately 20 acres of Halloween inspiration was unleashed within the Park, eventually including three of Omaha’s most terrifying Attractions…the Master’s Castle, the House on the Hill and the Haunted Woods!  Within this location the Scary Acres masterminds were able to create an unmatched atmosphere similar to a movie set that was experienced by all as soon as they entered the main gates of the Park. Bonfires, concession areas, a merchandise booth and outdoor entertainment surround the three Attractions making it feel more like you are walking into a Halloween theme Park as opposed to visiting just one Haunted Attraction.  Line monsters roam the Park ensuring that their presence is known.

Scary Acres reputation is that of one of the best and scariest Haunted Attractions in the Midwest.  Extensive work is put into redesigning rooms and set changes each season so that no two visits to Scary Acres are alike.  Scary Acres attracts repeat visitors year after year that get to experience the new scares and upgrades that have been carefully planned out with the intent of always raising the bar.

In addition to Scary Acres being one of the best Haunted Attractions that the Midwest has to offer, we also pride ourselves on being a SAFE place to visit.  Scary Acres has a full surveillance system which monitors the Park 24 hours a day, and an extensive security crew that roams the property constantly.  Safety is very important to us.

There is no doubt that Scary Acres is a MUST SEE each Halloween season!!  We’re looking forward to entertaining you at your next visit!

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